Through its online advertisement and marketing endeavors, GREE provides comprehensive, technology-driven solutions, including agency services, product marketing, and more.

Agency Division

GREE Advertising

GREE Advertising is an advertising agency specialized in mobile advertising. GREE Advertising supports clients through skilled analytics-based solution planning.

GREE Ads Solution

Thanks to the GREE Group's swathe of experience with many forms of media, GREE Ads Solution is able to provide clients with solutions for promotions and monetization and can support the marketing of clients who operate digital media.

Product Marketing Division


QUANT analyzes the interests of readers and links with external DMPs to create a readership base. QUANT also segmentalizes readers and generates reports on attitudinal changes depending on article reading rates from pure and tie-in ads. This allows for a detailed analysis of an advertiser's acquisition of brand awareness.


adfurikun is an SSP specialized in smartphone applications. Clients can monetize their mobile advertisements, ranging from simple banners to splash pages and native video advertisements, with one simple SDK.

GREE Header Bidding

GREE Header Bidding handles multiple companies (bidders) at the same time, meaning ad requests can be sent simultaneously without favoring any single bid. This allows publishers to sell impressions at the highest bid price possible.


AdCorsa is a safe and reliable advertisement network that aims for the most effective promotion and expands media revenue. As it delivers video advertisements on a performance basis, this will highly engage users.


GREE Ads DSP maximizes the effectiveness of advertising across multiple publishers, allowing advertisers to reach out to publishers that match their promotions at the best possible price.

GREE Ads Reward

GREE Ads Reward helps clients drive users toward their websites and applications by utilizing one of the largest networks in Japan. GREE's pre-established, high-quality user base ensures that any promotional strategy will be a high-return investment.