Our metaverse division operates “REALITY”, a metaverse for smartphone, for individual customers, as well as “VTuber business”, which produces a wide range of talent, as well as “REALITY XR cloud”, a platform that enables our corporate customers to build their own metaverse using 3DCG and XR technologies, as well as developing and publishing blockchain games.


REALITY is a metaverse for smartphone. With just a phone, anybody can turn themselves into a digital avatar and stream all kinds of content. Streamers can host live digital performances, play games, and even just chat, without having to show their faces.

List of services

5 Core Experiences


REALITY XR cloud is a cloud solution for virtual events that take place in any virtual space.We provide expert consulting services, a platform with over 10 million downloads, a 3D engine that can be customized in complex ways, and various partnerships to make the Metaverse available for all our corporate clients.


REALITY Studios operates as a VTuber agency that manages and produces a diverse range of talent. Apart from managing the talent's activities on YouTube, the company provides daily entertainment to people worldwide through various avenues, including releasing music, organizing live shows, and selling merchandise.


We run validator nodes, develop and publish blockchain games while investing in and partnering with the leading Web3 projects.